Discover Why Miami is the Ultimate Destination: From Vacation Hotspot to Year-Round Living! Famous faces are no longer just visiting; they’re making Miami their home. Experience the vibrant city known worldwide. Our advice? Try it out on vacation or through renting to truly grasp the opportunities, events, and excitement this city offers. Then, consider investing wisely in prime locations like Miami Beach or uncover hidden opportunities in emerging neighborhoods attracting global investors. With the right guidance in property selection and secure transactions, success is guaranteed.

Don’t miss out on making Miami your next chapter of life.

As expert international real estate agents and lawyers with over 14 years of work experience, our expertise extends across real estate and law. 

We are Italians. We love living well 

That’s the reason why in 2020, we expanded our services by establishing a dedicated partnership with an office based in one of the best destinations in the world: Miami!

Our track record includes luxury transactions and collaborations with top athletes, celebrities, and CEOs from around the world, fostering robust relationships built on trust and confidentiality.

With our partners operating full-time as real estate agents and lawyers in this amazing market, we synergize legal acumen with comprehensive real estate knowledge (and network) to offer clients a complete and holistic approach to their property needs. 

Our strategic presence enables us to find real estate properties seamlessly, ensuring our clients receive expert assistance and support throughout their transactions, assisting them in purchasing and selling their properties with complete peace of mind

Our expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of real estate services, providing clients with a seamless experience from start to finish. From accurate property valuations to strategic marketing, we possess the knowledge and skills to maximize the potential of every luxury property. With exceptional negotiation expertise and investment strategies, we consistently deliver optimal results for our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and assisting them buy second homes, main residencies, and investment properties.

Whether facilitating property acquisitions, negotiating deals, navigating intricacies, and providing tailored advice, our integrated approach sets us apart as trusted advisors in the Florida real estate market.

Our senior real estate agent in Miami is not only a professional who works with success with a focus on New Developments and Residential Properties but is also fluent in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Our proficiency in these languages allows us to communicate effectively and cater to the needs of our global audience.