Allapattah, The Little Santo Domingo of Miami

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Regarded as one of Miami’s hidden gems, Allapattah stands as one of the city’s oldest communities. With a proud Latin heritage as diverse as its residents, the burgeoning neighborhood of Allapattah offers visitors a rich array of experiences found nowhere else in the destination. Named after the Seminole Indian word for “alligator,” Allapattah boasts a strong Latin population primarily comprising Dominican and Central American residents. Here, you’ll discover an intriguing blend of delightful eateries, contemporary art museums, and trendy nightlife scenes. Tracing its roots back to the mid-1850s, Allapattah ranks among Miami’s oldest communities.

Its initial settlement was led by William P. Wagner, the first documented permanent white American settler in the area. Arriving from South Carolina, he chose a grove of towering trees bordering the Miami Rock Ridge Homestead as his homestead.

Allapattah found its stride in the late 1800s, steadily developing into the 20th century. The advent of the Florida East Coast Railroad in the area during the late 19th century ushered in a wave of new residents, fueling its growth. The 1950s brought increased diversity to the region, welcoming Cuban and African American immigrants to Allapattah. While the neighborhood became home to one of Miami’s largest Cuban populations and continued to attract immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Colombia, Peru, and beyond, today its populace is predominantly Dominican, earning it the moniker “Little Santo Domingo“.

A melting pot of cultures

Allapattah is known for its diverse population, which includes a mix of the Caribbean, Latin American, and European vibes. This diversity is reflected in the neighborhood’s restaurants, shops, and cultural institutions.

Art Deco architecture

It is also home to a significant collection of Art Deco architecture. This style of architecture, which was popular in the 1930s and 1940s, is characterized by its geometric shapes, bright colors, and stylized ornamentation.

Pros and cons of living in Allapattah

There are many pros and cons to living in Allapattah. Some of the pros include:

  • Affordability: Allapattah is still relatively affordable compared to other neighborhoods in Miami.
  • Diversity: it is a diverse and welcoming neighborhood.
  • Culture: it has a rich culture and history.
  • Location: it is centrally located and close to many major attractions.

Some of the cons of living in Allapattah include:

  • Crime: Allapattah has a higher crime rate than some other neighborhoods in Miami.
  • Gentrification: Allapattah is rapidly gentrifying, which could lead to displacement of longtime residents.
  • Traffic: Allapattah can be congested with traffic, especially during rush hour.

Is Allapattah right for you?

Whether Allapattah is right for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for an affordable, diverse, and centrally located neighborhood with a rich culture, then it may be a good fit for you. However, if you are concerned about crime or gentrification, then you may want to consider other neighborhoods.

A rising star in Miami’s real estate market

In recent years, Allapattah has become a place of interest for future potential in Miami’s real estate market. This is due in part to the neighborhood’s proximity to Downtown Miami, Brickell, and the Miami Worldcenter development.

New Developments in Allapattah Miami

Allapattah is a neighborhood in the heart of Miami that’s been overshadowed by its more glamorous neighbors like Wynwood. While Wynwood has become the go-to spot for young people and artists, Allapattah hasn’t quite caught up. It’s still grappling with some serious issues, including crime rates that make it less than ideal for many.

Sure, it’s close to Wynwood, but that hasn’t translated into Allapattah being a “cool” place to hang out. Safety concerns are a real issue here, and the neighborhood’s reputation reflects that. But amidst the challenges, there’s potential.

Calta is a developer who’s not blind to Allapattah’s strategic location and untapped possibilities, seeing an opportunity where others see problems.

Inside Calta’s New Development Plan for Workforce Housing in Allapattah

The Calta Group, a real estate firm based in Coral Gables, is setting its sights on providing affordable housing options in Miami’s vibrant Allapattah neighborhood. With a vision to create multifamily developments featuring workforce-priced units, the company is embarking on a significant investment endeavor totaling approximately $47.2 million in property acquisitions within this neighborhood.

Exploring Allapattah’s Potential

Allapattah, known for its diverse culture and rich history, is attracting attention from developers seeking to address the growing demand for affordable housing in Miami. The Calta Group, led by co-founder Gaetano Caltagirone, aims to play a pivotal role in this transformation by focusing on two specific areas within the neighborhood.

Phase One Progress

In a recent milestone, this Group took a significant step forward by finalizing the acquisition of the first parcel of land for phase one of its development plan. The firm secured five adjacent lots located at 1415, 1433, 1435, and 1453 Northwest 13th Terrace, along with 1410 Northwest 14th Street, through a $10 million purchase.

Expanding Development Opportunities

To expand its footprint and accommodate the envisioned project, Calta Group is poised to acquire an additional lot at 1469 Northwest 13th Terrace for $7.2 million, expected to be finalized by late January. This strategic move will provide the developer with approximately an acre of prime developable land situated on the southwest corner of Northwest 14th Street and Northwest 13th Terrace, marking a significant milestone in the realization of its workforce housing initiative.

Creating Affordable Housing Solutions

With these acquisitions, the Group aims to contribute to the ongoing efforts to address the housing affordability crisis in Miami. By developing multifamily projects featuring workforce-priced units, the firm endeavors to provide accessible housing options for individuals and families in Allapattah and beyond.

Looking Ahead

As Calta Group progresses with its plans for workforce housing in this neighborhood, the firm remains committed to responsible and sustainable development practices. Through collaboration with local stakeholders and adherence to community-centric principles, the Group endeavors to create a positive impact while meeting the growing demand for affordable housing in Miami’s dynamic real estate landscape.

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