Doral: From Swampland to Thriving City

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Doral’s story is one of remarkable transformation. Once a vast expanse of swampland, it has blossomed into a vibrant city bustling with businesses, families, and culture. Let’s explore its fascinating journey and discover what makes this South Florida gem so special.

From Humble Beginnings

In the late 1950s, hoteliers Doris & Alfred Kaskel envisioned a different future for the land west of Miami International Airport. With a bold vision and $49,000, they purchased 2,400 acres and laid the foundation for what would become Doral. The Doral Hotel & Country Club, named after their own, marked the city’s first business in 1962. Soon, the land surrounding the airport transformed into a crucial cargo area, paving the way for further development.

A City Takes Shape

The 1980s witnessed the rise of residential communities, attracting new residents to Doral’s growing potential. Officially incorporated in 2003, the city’s strategic location – just 4 miles from MIA and bordering major expressways – proved to be a major advantage.

A Diverse and Educated Community

Doral boasts a multilingual population of over 58,000, with a significant portion falling in the 35-54 age bracket. Education is a top priority, with over 10 top-ranked schools and colleges available. Notably, 97% of residents hold a high school diploma or higher, and over half possess a bachelor’s degree.

A Hub for Business

Doral is a magnet for businesses, hosting over 9,000 companies, including 240 multinationals and the #1 Tile District in the USA. Major employers like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Carnival Cruise Lines contribute to the city’s economic strength.

Beyond Business

Doral offers more than just business opportunities. It’s recognized as a Playful City USA and Tree City USA, boasting an abundance of parks and green spaces for all ages. The Doral Trolley provides free and convenient transportation, highlighting the city’s commitment to sustainability.

The Future is Bright

Doral’s growth story continues. It’s currently the fastest-growing city in Florida, attracting investments in real estate and innovative infrastructure projects. Multi-billion dollar mixed-use developments are on the rise, promising vibrant retail, restaurants, and residential spaces.

A Destination on the Rise

Doral is actively evolving into a sought-after destination. While golf and recreation remain key attractions, the city is diversifying its offerings with new shopping, dining, and entertainment venues. A growing film and TV production scene adds another layer to its cultural tapestry.

Doral’s journey is far from over.

With its strategic location, diverse community, and commitment to innovation, this dynamic city is poised for an exciting future, welcoming residents, businesses, and visitors alike to experience its unique charm.

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