Wynwood, Miami: The Neighborhood of the Wall Art

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Wynwood has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into one of the trendiest neighborhoods globally. Formerly dominated by warehouses, it now pulsates with artistic energy. The infusion of bohemians and artists has turned its graffiti-covered walls into sprawling canvases, fashioning an unparalleled arts district. Stretching across numerous blocks, Wynwood showcases avant-garde imagery unlike anywhere else. The juxtaposition of high-concept art on industrial structures creates a vibe that is both ironic and genuine.

At the heart of Wynwood is the acclaimed Wynwood Walls, an open-air gallery conceptualized by visionary developer Tony Goldman. Beyond this iconic space, the neighborhood hosts over 70 art galleries, museums, and collections. Exploring Wynwood is a visual feast, with captivating art both indoors and on the streets.

Dining in Wynwood is an experience in itself. Restaurants abound, offering a diverse culinary landscape. Whether dining amidst art-filled interiors or enjoying its Walls from an outdoor patio, the ambiance is unmatched. For enthusiasts of craft beer and vibrant atmospheres, breweries like the Brewing Company and Veza Sur Brewing are must-visit destinations.

Wynwood, once an industrial warehouse district, has blossomed into a vibrant hub of street art, trendy restaurants, and pulsating nightlife. With its electrifying energy and ever-evolving landscape, this neighborhood offers an unforgettable experience for art enthusiasts, foodies, and anyone seeking a dose of Miami’s unique spirit.

Wynwood, renowned for its sprawling murals, embodies a spirit of creativity, enjoyment, and exploration. Every turn reveals intriguing shops, exceptional dining spots (with the scene continually improving), lively bars to suit every mood, and some of Miami’s finest breweries. Moreover, it offers a plethora of family-friendly activities, ensuring there’s something for everyone from dawn till dusk… and beyond.

What Makes Wynwood Special?

Wynwood Arts District stands as one of Miami’s most dynamic areas, globally recognized for its perpetual creativity. Blink, and you might miss the ongoing transformations. Cranes dot the skyline like spray paint cans, signaling new developments and mid-rises emerging like stacked Lego blocks. From its origins as a desolate warehouse zone, Wynwood has blossomed into a vibrant hub for work, leisure, and residence.

A Glimpse into Wynwood’s Past

Despite its warehouse-centric identity, the residential blocks surrounding Wynwood have long thrived as a vibrant community. Once dubbed “Little Puerto Rico,” the neighborhood still resonates with Boricua pride, evident in the tasseled flags adorning rearview mirrors and the gatherings at remaining mini markets.

Wynwood’s industrial segment once served as Miami’s garment district. In the early ’90s, enticed by affordable rents, artists and collectors began flocking in. These burgeoning galleries sought patrons, enticing them with complimentary wine every second Saturday. Thus, Wynwood started carving its artistic niche. Studios, galleries, and art complexes, including esteemed venues like the Rubell Collection (now in Allapattah) and the Margulies Collection (still in Wynwood), dotted the landscape. However, to the uninitiated, the area seemed devoid of charm.

In 2004, visionary Tony Goldman acquired roughly 18 properties, embarking on a five-year journey to shape the neighborhood according to his vision: “a kind of Williamsburg with a Latin/Caribbean flavor.” He envisioned “a place where things develop unexpectedly,” and indeed, Wynwood became just that.

By 2013, Wynwood was making waves locally and globally. These early years, fondly recalled as “Wynwood being Wynwood,” saw the emergence of iconic spots like Wynwood Walls and hotspots such as Wood Tavern (RIP), Gramps, Cafeina, and Wynwood Brewing Co. People flocked for the free wine at Wynwood Art Walk, though the crowds soon outpaced the wine barrels.

Despite its evolution, Wynwood’s creative essence remains intact. Over the past decade, the neighborhood has continuously reinvented itself, shedding old layers to unveil new facets.

Where Exactly is Wynwood?

Officially bounded by I-195 to the north, I-95 to the west, NW 20th Street to the south, and the Edgewater train tracks to the east, Wynwood’s heart lies within the 25 blocks between NW 29th and 20th streets.

Must-Do Activity in Wynwood

Explore on foot! While it might seem cliché, Wynwood’s endless avenues of discovery, coupled with its world-class murals, make it an unparalleled neighborhood for exploration.

Meander through captivating boutiques, savor culinary delights at top-notch restaurants, then revel in the night at Wynwood’s vibrant bars. And for first-time visitors—or those returning after a hiatus—a visit to Wynwood Walls, the outdoor museum that sparked it all, is a must.

Getting to Wynwood

By car: Whether from I–195 to the north or I–395 to the south, navigate to North Miami Avenue, then turn onto NW 29th Street (from the north) or NW 20th Street (from the south) until you reach NW 2nd Avenue, the heart of the action. Metered street parking is abundant (especially past 23rd St), or opt for the Wynwood Garage on NW 26th Street.

By public transportation: Although the Metrorail doesn’t directly serve Wynwood, disembark at Government Station and hop on MetroBus (Route 2) to NW 2nd Avenue and NE 25th Street. Alternatively, utilize the Miami Trolley, with the Wynwood route picking up at the Omni Metrorail station and extending to the Design District.

Where to Eat in Wynwood

With a plethora of dining options, Wynwood promises a culinary adventure. While a comprehensive guide exists, here’s a snapshot to keep in mind:

Breakfast and Coffee Spots: Indulge in morning delights at Suite Havana Café, Novela Café Social, Zak the Baker, Panther Coffee, Enriqueta’s, The Salty, La Colombe at Walt Grace, Alex Coffee Roasters, and Mama Leone Bakery.

Healthy Eateries: Nourish yourself with wholesome options at Love Life Café, Café Smood, Sweet Green, and Ono Poké.

Must-Try Dining Experiences: Add these culinary gems to your bucket list – Pastis, Uchi, Hiden, Doya, Hiyakawa, and Marygold’s.

Everyday Favorites: Enjoy reliable dining experiences at Momosan Wynwood, Junkanoo Jamaican Kitchen, Omakai Sushi, Le Chic, Kush, Grails Sports Bar, Barcelona, Freehold, Bartaco, and more.

Quick and Vibrant Eats: Grab a bite on the go at Tacombi Wynwood, La Tiendita, La Sandwicherie, Pizza Tropical, The Taco Stand, The Mad Butcher, Freehold Miami, Joe’s Pizza, and Tacombi Wynwood.

Food Halls: Explore diverse culinary offerings at Oasis, 1-800-Lucky, and Smorgasburg (open on weekends).

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth: Treat yourself to delectable desserts at Fireman Derek’s, Dasher & Crank, Salt & Straw, Night Owl Cookies, Cielito Artisan Pops, and Paletas Morelia.

Where to Bar Hop in Wynwood

Wynwood boasts more bars within walking distance than any other Miami neighborhood, making it ideal for a bar crawl. From speakeasies to breweries, rooftops to gastro clubs, Wynwood caters to all tastes:

For those who appreciate good music, Dante’s Hi-Fi offers a lively atmosphere to enjoy tunes. If you’re in the mood for exceptional cocktails, The Sylvester, Spanglish, Beaker & Gray, and Pastis are renowned for their craft concoctions. Dance enthusiasts can let loose at Perro Negro, La Otra, El Patio, Rácket, Centro Wynwood, and The Dirty Rabbit. If you prefer scenic views while you sip, Astra and Higher Ground provide stunning backdrops. For a unique experience, Gramps offers an eclectic vibe. Seek out hidden speakeasies at Coyo and NDA at Mad Butcher for an adventure. Combine dining and dancing at 1-800-Lucky and Oasis. Beer aficionados can explore a range of brews at Wynwood Brewing Co., J. Wakefield, Cervecería La Tropical, and Veza Sur. Lagniappe offers a relaxing patio atmosphere perfect for wine lovers. And for a truly regal experience, R House promises a royal treatment.

Beyond Food and Drink: Exploring Wynwood

Wynwood offers an abundance of entertainment options. Join an artist-led neighborhood tour, immerse yourself in the Paradox Museum’s thought-provoking exhibits, or unleash your creativity at Candle Land Miami. Additionally, indulge in shopping at boutique stores or enjoy laser tag and arcade games at FunDimension. Keep an eye out for brand activations along Second Ave, offering surprises and freebies.

On Rainy Days: Visit the Museum of Graffiti
Delve deeper into graffiti art at the world’s first museum dedicated to the craft. Gain insights and context to better appreciate Wynwood’s outdoor art scene.

Off the Beaten Track: Bakehouse Art Complex
Housed in a former industrial bakery, the Bakehouse Art Complex nurtures emerging artists. Explore 60 studios and engage with diverse themes and mediums, offering inspiration and intrigue.

Explore Wynwood’s eclectic offerings, and you’ll discover a neighborhood bursting with creativity, flavor, and endless possibilities.

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